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Evolution of Blind Acceptance & The Death of Logic in America

Recently this came across my feed posted by someone I went to school with long ago. It appears that all one must do is write anything and someone will deem it true without evidence or research. Put it in a 'presentation' and it becomes an empirical truth! The written word today has so much power over facts, that is perhaps because we have lost our ability to use logic. We have devolved down a path laden with blinders we so willingly accepted because who has time to discover the truth when there are so many shiny distractions to delve into?

I wish anything was as black and white as this slide found in this presentation. While there may not be a lot of science that shows food made from GMO crops harms people directly, there is certainly enough evidence that they are an ecological nightmare considering that the majority of genetic modifications revolve around being able to douse crops with certain chemicals with impunity.

Again, depending on which side if this particular argument you’re on (just like with every topic in the US these days) Ag chemical residue on food may or may not harm people directly. I guess I’m just conservative in wanting to eat food that was grown the way my great grandparents was...without being doused in toxic chemicals that kill huge swaths of our ecological system along with whatever weed or bug Dow or Bayer is trying to “target”.

Don’t even get me started on how GMO seeds have all but destroyed local sovereignty over our food system and puts us at greater risk because of greatly decreased diversity in our crops genetics leaving us wide open for huge, worldwide crop failures. I’ll stick to my open pollinated seeds being grown in manure from my animals thanks.

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