Creating community through nature connection, wisdom sharing and a revival of the old ways.


We decided that we'd rather not just feed people in the normal sense that farmers do (or used to) by selling them food but would prefer to teach people to feed themselves and in turn they can teach others in their lives.  Did you know that before WW2, 65% of all americans either lived or worked on farms?  Most of those that didn't, grew gardens and preserved food as a rule.  Today only 1% of Americans live or work on a farm and the vast majority of the 99% barely even knows where real food comes from, let alone how to grow it or preserve it.  There has never been a culture (as far as we know) on this earth that had such a disconnect with food. We need to change that and it starts with having a suitable, inspiring place to teach.  

We have repurposed a1930 52'x18' chicken coop on our farm to be a gathering space.  Lucky for us, people knew what they were doing back then, in regards to building appropriately, and this structure is perfectly passive solar designed.  East/west axis, large south facing windows, overhangs built to allow winter sun in but keep summer sun out.  t it back in it's exact spot (ok, they didn't always know what they were doing back then...never use lake sand in your concrete mix!) We are installing all new, high performance windows, dense pack cellulose insulation, rainwater cistern under the floor, a greywater system into the zone 1 garden just outside.


Our gatherings create a thriving community that humans once were all a part of, and help re-connect us with our ancestral skills and knowledge.  

We all have so much ground to cover to get back to a place where we can once again meet more of our own needs like our grandparents did.  The generational knowledge chain that allowed us to survive, before fossil fuels were doing all the work for us, has been damn near severed. However, there is still enough knowledge hanging around in books, older folks and those that cared to effectively weld that chain back together, if enough of us decide to place more of our attention on empowerment.

Gatherings at New Story Farm

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