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Speaking + Teaching

We love to teach folks about where their food comes from and what sort of ecological implications their food choices have on the Earth.

Most people want to make the world better but many don’t quite know how or where to start.  At the core of many if not most of our problems is our disconnection to the Earth and what better point of intervention (than) to make a positive change by reconnecting to the Earth through rediscovering where our food comes from and the ecological systems that underpin agriculture.


Join Daniel and Steph at New Story Farm for a deep dive into Minnesota ecology, present food systems and a glimpse into the food system we all know is possible.

We've given countless tours about our farm and regenerative agriculture since 2014 when New Story Farm first sprouted. The many years of interning on other farms and living in Intentional Communities, had prepared us to begin weaving our new story here in Central Minnesota.

Our passion is to provide free education on the food systems our society relies upon as well as, the importance of Ecology. We also started a nature day camp called Resiliency School for kids.

Past Engagements:

The Great Simplification Podcast

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service


Sustainable Farming Association Conference

Grand Valley State University

The Possibility Alliance Permaculture Design Course


New York Magazine

Sustainable Living Roadshow

Wise Women Gathering Australia

Sustainable Living Tasmania

The New Republic

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