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Your diet could be linked to grassland destruction

Finally, an international news source tells the story we've been telling for years about how important Prairie/Grassland Ecology is to mitigating climate change but they are being destroyed at a devastating rate and Oat Milk, Soy, Almonds are increasing this destruction.

I love that vegans and vegetarians choose to eat the way they do as a protest against confinement animal operations but the industrial products that most of them consume are on the rise and hardly anyone understands that Oat Milk is killing, not only grasslands but Rain Forest! Yes, Rain Forests in South America are being clear cut for the company Oatley, all for oat milk y'all. Veganism is not an ethical diet, it just kills other animals and beings and a LOT more of them. We ALL can do better and it starts with taking personal responsibility for what you buy by understanding where it was grown and what destruction it caused. Labels are not enough y'all- they lull you into a complete fantasy, it is time to wake up.

Here is an article that made international News about how important Grasslands are to climate change, have a read and learn more about what Ecology is and how you choose to eat either supports it or destroys it. Thank you


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