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Activism that Makes Real Change

Damn right. I used to be a conventional activist...speaking, lobbying, anti whaling ships, occupy wall st, being arrested in front of the white house, etc. I hitchhiked a lot of places, ate a lot of discarded food and tried to minimize my consumption as much as I could. Then I finally got it. Even if theoretically we could get 100% of americans to give a shit about any particular issue, if they are still reliant on the produce of the industry primarily causing that issue, it means nothing. My favourite example is people rail against fracking but get the majority of their food from the supermarket (industrial ag), drive a car everyday, heat their home with propane, etc and like privilege, the irony is invisible to most folks. I recognize the irony of writing this on a computer right now. It's like we're schizophrenic or something. I believe that industrial agriculture is the most destructive issue we face right now and feel the best point of intervention is growing my own food in a regenerative fashion. I think it's the most powerful political act I can do at this crazy point in history.

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