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Why does my chicken and pork from Kroger taste like rubber?

Because the chickens and pigs were raised shoulder to shoulder with 10 thousand others in their own shit. You're tasting the misery in every bite. Eat meat from an animal that was raised on a small farm free ranging on grass, bugs and seeds and local non GMO grain and taste the difference.

I'm very passionate about raising REAL food on small farms in an ethical and ecologically sustainable way and most people around us here in the heart of big ag country couldn't give a shit less about anything it seems other than cheap. To me, anyone who knowingly consumes factory farmed meat is either ignorant of how horrible it is for the animals, the farmers, the water, the air, the land or they just don't give a shit. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume people who eat rubber chicken and pork from CAFO's is just ignorant. And yes, I grew up a farmer and yes, I've been to CAFO's and have seen first hand how animals are raised.

There is a crazy story going around the agricultural circles in this country that suddenly after thousands of years, all food for the whole planet must come from the part of it that is now called the US of A. Bullshit. How the heck did our grandparents feed all of america with 100 acre farms just 60-70 years ago? Try to step back and look at the sense of it in the big picture. The typical livestock "farm" these days have huge barns with animals that evolved to eat grass and bugs and roots and seeds standing in their own shit while surrounded by a sea of corn and the only grass to be seen is on the farmer's lawn that he uses a fossil fueled mower to keep short. Even if you discount the huge taxpayer funded subsidies the huge corporate ag farmers rely on to make a profit and even if you say it produces more "product" per acre on the whole in the short term, you still can't argue the fact that it isn't a resilient or sustainable system by any means. Then you get to the lack of ethics of keeping animals in conditions that would be deemed as torture if it were humans and that cannot be denied if actually looked at. I have watched real people I know die from cancer here in big ag country at ever increasing rates. Friends my age (39) have it, their kids have it, it seems like everyone you know has someone in their lives dying of cancer. Funny thing is no-one asks why. This amazing technology you speak of involves f'ing with the genes of seeds so the plant can handle being doused numerous times with toxic chemicals grown in a quasi hydroponic arrangement where the soil is dead and act only as a medium to hold the roots while the plant is fed with chemical fertilizer.

We then take the "crop" we just harvested from that system and process the bejesus out of it and mix it with even more chemicals before we box it up and ship it out to a supermarket where folks like you line up to buy it and bring home this calorie dense but nutritionally bankrupt "food".

Have you never wondered why our healthcare system is so dysfunctional and costly? We are the most unhealthy population the world has ever seen. Most people fat as hell, on some kind of pills to keep them going, hooked on caffeine or sugar, diabetes rampant...on and on. Most "farmers" i know are fat as they just sit in a auto steer tractor all day and none of them grow a stitch of food on their 5000 acres. Not a bit. they grow industrial ingredients. What puzzles the hell out of me is how these ag corporations and big pharma were so damn smart they could convince people to allow technology to poison the shit out of them and make them so unhealthy and literally kill them and then make them cheer for it like you just did. It's really amazing. If I did get cancer I would firstly be amazed as I've been eating ONLY food I and other neighbouring organic farms have grown for years and not eating sugar, only drinking water and actually using my body to do work.

Secondly I would use medicinal herbs to boost my immune system to fight off the cancer but if that failed, I would do as my grandpa and my aunt did, I would politely decline radiation and chemo (two more interesting "technologies" that work on the concept of poisoning your body to the point of almost killing you hoping the cancer cells die first...awesome) and I'd go out on my own terms...getting the last of the quality out of my finite life rather than seeking to get more quantity out of it like this poisoned culture seems preoccupied with.

#cafomeatisbad #cancercausingdiet #bigagiskillingyou

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