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Homestead Butchering

The Anatomy of Thrift videos by Farmstead Meatsmith and FarmRun Media have quickly become my favorite DIY videos of ALL TIME! Perhaps that is because I am a cook who's budding interest in butchering and all-around self resiliency has led me to follow folks like Brandon Sheard. I eat meat, not just because I enjoy the flavors and diversity. I consume meat because 33 years of eating a variety of foods, resulting in a myriad of health concerns has shown me meat does my body good. It's not for everyone and I respect every eating strategy there is on this planet, but meat is medicinal to me. If you want to know more about my journey to eating meat as a way to reclaim my health, email me and I will share my story.

Humans eat a lot of meat. Few humans grow that meat and even fewer process that meat. For ethical, moral and sustainable reasons I choose to raise and butcher my meat. Yes, it will be challenging. Our animals are apart of the family, we give them the best of everything. Knowing I've given them a healthy and happy life will empower me to also give them death. After spending months delicately caring and tending to their needs the last place I want them to see is home and the people they trust. So, I am stepping up to the plate, swallowing my reluctancy and learning how to butcher.

Watching these videos and reading books are a few great ways to educate yourself. Workshops and apprenticeships are even better, especially if you are a visual learner. I called up my local butcher- Benny's and asked to watch them as they cut up a hog. It is my hope that an independent butcher will take me on as an apprentice so I may begin to hone my skills. If you have any resources or advice, it will be welcomed. In the meantime, may the food you eat nourish your body and strengthen your soul.

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