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Regenerative Farm Minnesota
Herbal Medicine a New Story Farm
Food production at New Story Farm
Perrenial Agriculture Systems a New Story Far

We think Covid-19 has made more people acutely aware of how reliant they are on a very fragile, centralized food system and that rebuilding our local and diversified food system would not only stem the tide of farmer suicides through higher prices to the farmer and more young people interested in farming, but would also help to revitalize local economies, mitigate climate change, improve animal welfare, and incentivize ecological restoration.


Prairie Days

Free Ecology Tours // Hutchinson, MN

Join us for a 2 mile walk around 40 acres of native prairie and 30 acres of old growth forest. You will learn all sorts of facts about the unique Ecosystem of Southwest Minnesota and various ways the indigenous and early settlers utilized the many resources this ecology provided.

You will enjoy the beauty of the changing prairie, abundant wildlife, nature connection and a renewed reverence for this special place we all call home.

Starts at 2pm

Tour is 2 hours

Family-friendly, all are welcome.

Bring water bottle and hat.

Please RSVP at least 1 day in advance. Thank you.

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This project is in partnership with the UMN Extension Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership: Community-University partnerships for sustainability, serving Southwest Minnesota

"The separation of work and play destroys

culture at its roots." TS Elliot


At New Story Farm, we do not want to be self sufficient….we want to be interdependent. Ask any older person that grew up in a small rural town in the 30's, 40's or 50's and they will tell you all kinds of stories about people working together, sharing tools and equipment, butchering or harvesting together, cooking together, raising each other's children, laughing, crying, loving. We feel like we deserve that too and want to recreate that on this farm.


We steward a 96 acre regenerative farm that is fostering an agrarian community while offering educational and sacred gatherings in Central Minnesota. Do you have a similar vision? Get in touch!

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