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The Best
Coveralls Ever

Durable & Comfortable

Easy to move in, strong enough for your land-based life and work.

Workwear for farmers by farmers

"The separation of work and play destroys

culture at its roots." TS Elliot


At New Story Farm, we do not want to be self sufficient….we want to be interdependent. Ask any older person that grew up in a small rural town in the 30's, 40's or 50's and they will tell you all kinds of stories about people working together, sharing tools and equipment, butchering or harvesting together, cooking together, raising each other's children, laughing, crying, loving. We feel like we deserve that too and want to recreate that on this farm.


We are looking for people who have similar values and visions who may want to join us living and working on the land. Think cooperative farming village! Our barn used to house 25 milk cows...want to start an organic, grass-fed dairy? A hazelnut oil co-op? Smoked and cured meats CSA? Contact us and come out and see if the land speaks to you.