The Intended Vision

So what's the story with New Story Farm?


Well, it's a farm whose caretakers are working to enact just that…a new story! We believe that virtually all of the problems that come with civilization stem from people believing the predominant cultural story which says we are "above" or "separate" from nature. This story that is omnipresent in our culture tells us that the natural laws of nature are not applicable to us.


A "story" is a scenario interrelating man, the world, and the gods."To enact" is to live so as to make a story a reality. "Culture" is a people enacting a story. If you believe that the world belongs to man, you will see all other life as a resource. If you believe that man belongs to the world, you see all other life as partners. On our farm, we are surrounded by annual agriculture and although we grew up eating from this system and have gratitude for that, we also see that annual agriculture is intrinsically unsustainable. Even at it's best, it is extractive and erosive, leading in time to desertification. We want to enact a new story that puts humans back in partnership with all other creation.

You want to be peasants?!


After reading this piece in The Hand Sculpted House, you may just want to be one too.



"Peasants satisfy their own basic needs: they grow their food, build the houses they live in, often make their own clothes. Most peasants collect medicinal herbs, treat medical emergencies, supply their family entertainment. They experience fully what they do every day; they have time-they feel joy. Their culture is integral, it makes sense. Farmers by contrast grow things to sell. With what they earn from their products, they buy their groceries, building materials, clothes, entertainment and medical insurance. They must also drive to market, pay taxes, perhaps send their kids to agricultural college. Increasingly they must buy machinery, seeds, farm chemicals. Farmers have no time to directly enjoy satisfying their own needs, so they purchase their satisfactions; they buy ready-made clothing and "convenience" foods."

We feel that food is so grossly undervalued in the american culture that it is often insulting to the grower to sell it. Our aim is fair energy exchange and many times that is not with currency. Our main goal is to sustain ourselves and our immediate community while facilitating a habitat that promotes diversity in the natural community around us. Our surplus will be "banked" in the soil and the life in and above it.

Want to join us?

We are seeking like-minded and experienced folks who are ready to live in community and live an agrarian lifestyle.

After years of living and working on farms and in intentional communities, we feel the only way for true sustainable agriculture to take shape is within community. We also recognize that the dominant society has failed to empower us with the skills necessary to live in community well. They didn't teach us conflict resolution or how to work well or communicate with others. They don't value vulnerability or empathic tendencies which is an essential foundation for a strong community.


Given that we are all in the process of unlearning the dog-eat-dog education we were given, we know it will take generations to return to village life. So, we endeavor to help others get their own land nearby so we can share infrastructure, skills and support to begin the journey back to tribal living.

If this piques your interest, get in-touch and let us explore the realistic possibilities. Thank you for walking the path less traveled!


Feed the vision with an energetic contribution and receive a Thank You Gift of an original Bird Painting.