Our farm is located where the tall grass prairie met the big woods back in the day, in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

The land here would have been an oak savanna for thousands of years, known by biologists to be the most productive ecosystem, in terms of biomass production, on earth. It would have been grazed seasonally by herds of buffalo numbering in the thousands in their far northern arc of their migration pattern. We intend to mimic this system, as best we can, by planting a diverse perennial forage interspersed with masting trees and shrubs such as oak, hybrid chestnut, hazelnut and black walnut; fruiting trees such as apples, apricots, pears and mulberry and a host of berries and other woody perennials. We  "mob" graze the land with cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys to approximate the energy cycling that went on for millennia here.

We acknowledge those who came before us, the Mdewakanton, Dakota Sioux tribe. We honor the Mdewakanton people by stewarding this land and all of the beings on it with the deepest respect and greatest care.

The Beloved Land We Steward

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