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Tools for Building A Strong Communal Foundation

Walking with intention as we all navigate this different way of living.

The Coop is currently Daniel and Stephanie's personal space. When there are more accommodations available here at the farm, it will shift into 100% communal space. The intent behind this growing agrarian community is to provide a high frequency connection between individuals, groups and Nature. This is a safe and sacred place.

 Here are some tools to help make     this experience even stronger:  

  • Leave low frequency programs, issues, beliefs, dogmas* and agendas and engagements you may be carrying, outside of the property. Do not bring them in.

  • No drama or negative projections towards yourself, or anyone else staying here. If you fall into any negative stuff, ask for help in getting back to your natural high frequency.

  • Be open during weekly Heart Shares, this is our time to check-in and process. Let us all help one another to break-free of our dominant cultural conditioning and step into an intentional way of being. Learn how to speaking using NVC- look it up if you don't know about it.

  • Take time for self care. The better you care for yourself, the greater contribution you make for the whole.

  • Honesty above all. The cycles of life will always bring change—nothing can last forever. Let us walk this journey and grow well together amidst the disharmony life can bring.


*Dogmas: These are not all low frequency, to see if yours is low frequency feel into it for any righteous energy, “this is the only answer”, “I am here to fix you”, “I have to suffer/sacrifice for you”, “you better do this or you are dammed.”

  Inspiration:    Learning from one another can help us become inspired in our own journey.

  Mapping:    We learn 100% of what we guide others to know. Each of us has had doors opened to us that are unique to our own journey. There are an infinite amount of doorways and an infinite amount of knowledge available to us.

  Co-Creating:    Co-Creation is the art of many working together as One. It differs from cooperation. Cooperation is a voluntary arrangement in which you engage with others in a mutually beneficial exchange. Co-Creation entails removing the personal self from the equation and allowing Spirit to flow through us so that Spirit guides the group’s activities. We hope that you will be fully active regarding your empowerment, learning and growth here at New Story Farm.

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." –Coretta Scott King
“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
– Helen Keller.


We are co-creating this experience and space together.

Septic System

The Coop uses a septic system, this means that it is important to use a minimum amount of septic safe toilet paper when using the toilet. Also, a trash bin is provided for feminine products such as tampons and sanitary towels, also wipes, extra tissues, face tissues, hair, etc. It is also important not to dispose of food items, hair, tea leaves or coffee beans down the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. We also harvest the fertility we all helped to create every few years from the septic and compost toilets to spread onto the pastures to feed the grass that feeds the animals that feed us so please don't flush any medications or any other toxic substances. Please urinate outdoors and utilize the composting toilet as much as possible.

Water Conservation

In order to conserve water, please use the shower and sinks for the minimum amount of time necessary.  We use a well and septic drainage system designed for a small family, not so much for large groups. So, if we use care, they will serve us fine.  

Your Tent Area


We are in the countryside, and wildlife is abundant here so if you have snacks or treats in your luggage we ask that you store them inside The Coop. 


If you want to store private food items or drinks in the communal fridge or freezer, please label them with your name and a note that it’s personal. Any food or drink that is unmarked you can help yourself to (and others can too!). 

Unless it is one of the scheduled group meal times, please wash all dishes and items you have used to prepare/eat food in. Always wipe counters to make sure there are no food residues left over. This prevents critters getting interested and coming into the house.


Please do not use the kitchen sink for brushing your teeth. If both bathrooms are busy, there is a laundry sink in the hallway.

Bathroom and Laundry

Help us create a high frequency space by keeping as clean as possible. Some days, when you feel up to it, clean a bit more than usual. Is the toilet stained, there is a brush and vinegar behind the toilet, give it a scrub.


Has it been while since the sink got a good wash? Use the hand towel currently hanging up in-use to clean it and get a new hand towel to hang up. Leave the dirty one draped on the washer.

Is the floor gritty? Sweep it, maybe even mop it.


There is no electrical dryer but there is a laundry line outside. We do have an indoor hanger if outdoor drying is impossible. Ask Daniel or Stephanie how to use washing machine.


Remember to use the trash bin provided in the bathroom for hair, garbage, extra tissues, feminine products and all other items. Clear your hair from the drain after using the shower. Don’t use the toilet or sink to dispose of these items as we are on a septic system.


If you think you are the last person to use the bathroom at night, please take the hand towels and put them in the laundry basket, replace them with clean ones stored on the shelf above the toilet.


Here at New Story Farm we have seen owls, all kinds of birds, bats, deer, cougars, bears, coyote, moles, rabbits, rats, raccoons and many other wild animals. Do not try to approach animals and do not feed them. If you must use insect spray, please do so far away from the The Coop doors and windows so it doesn't blow back inside, thank you.


Alcohol and drugs: Remember, The Coop is a drug and alcohol-free zone ( except for very special occasions). If you smoke tobacco, please smoke at least 20 feet from any doors, windows or tents and dispose of your cigarette in the trash (don’t throw it out on the land). CBD and THC Medicines: use your own discretion and please partake in private.


Band-aids and first aid kit: These are located in the red First Aid Kit located above the refrigerator.

Internet: There is no consistent wifi at NSF, if you are taking a class and need it for special occasions, we will plug it in for you. An ethernet cord will eventually be available in the lounge area.

Summer Weekly Schedule


Meditation- Monday 7am  if someone is willing to ring the bell and help hold space for this to happen.

Yoga- Wednesday 7am if someone is willing to ring the bell and help hold space for this to happen. We have lots of yoga mats to share.

Breakfast- 8am morning check-in during breakfast

Gardening- 830ish am

Lunch- 1pm

Siesta 2pm-430pm

Gardening + Farm Tasks- 430pm-630pm

Dinner- 7pm

Friday Evenings- Shabbat Dinner 730pm

Wednesday Evenings- Heart Share 9pm


The group shall pick one day per week that is group deep cleaning for 30mins-1 hr inside The Coop OR come up with an alternative plan to deep clean the communal spaces. The rest of the day-to-day cleaning will be chip-in and do your part with keeping the flow of tidiness, dishes and sweeping throughout The Coop.



Living so close with others means we can share germs and parasites that make us sick. Because those living here work with the soil and animals daily that means we are at a higher risk for parasite contraction. It's natural and normal but we can maximize our health if we:

Wash Hands Often:  every time we come inside and use the bathroom.

Always wear shoes around the barnyard or in animal paddocks.

If you feel you are getting ill, let Stephanie know and she will have some herbal remedies to help your body get through it quickly, if you like.

This is a great read on parasites:

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